Juan Martin Del Potro enters US Tennis Open 2016 through Wild card entry

Juan Martin del Potro was the man who got wild card entry to the US open tennis tournament which is going to began on 29th August 2016.Juan Martin Del Potro was belong to Argentina.This man participated in Summer Olympic games which is held in city Rio 2016.In that tournament he received a silver medal and finishes the tournament with second place.

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This decision was taken on this Tuesday,as he holds silver medal in Rio 2016 he was called to US open 2016 which is going held in United states.This man won grand slam title in 2009 year.At the age of 20 he won this title in grand slam.For this title he defeated Nadal in semifinal.After that he had Roger Federer in final as opponent.

His best rank in tennis is No.4 in 2010.After that he was injured.He got seriously injured with wrist.All the professional had declared that he could take retirement after his third operation to his left wrist.But he refused to take retirement after that.he came back to tournament.And he participated in Olympics 2016 and he achieved silver medal to his country.

This man lost gold medal in Olympics against Andy Murray in finals and he finishes second place.After that tournament he was called back to US open tennis tournament.With this medal Argentina got one medal. See Australian Tennis Open Results for reference

The hitting surface, defined as the main area of the stringing pattern bordered by the points of entry
of the strings into the frame or points of contact of the strings with the frame, whichever is the
smaller, shall be flat and consist of a pattern of crossed strings connected to a frame and alternately
interlaced or bonded where they cross.These objects, protrusions and devices must be reasonable in
size and placement for such purposes.

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The racket shall be designed and strung such that the playing characteristics are identical on both faces. The racket shall be free of attached objects, protrusions and devices other than those utilised solely and specifically to limit or prevent wear and tear or vibration or, for the frame only, to distribute weight.  The stringing pattern must  be generally uniform and, in particular, not less dense in the centre than in any other area.
In matches where line umpires and net umpires are assigned, they make all calls (including foot-fault calls) relating to that line or net. The chair umpire has the right to overrule a line umpire or a net umpire if the chair umpire is sure that a clear mistake has been made. The chair umpire is responsible for calling any line (including foot-faults) or net where no line umpire or net umpire is assigned.

A line umpire who cannot make a call shall signal this immediately to the chair umpire who shall make a decision. If the line umpire can not make a call, or if there is no line umpire, and the chair umpire can not make a decision on a question of fact, the point shall be replayed.

In team events where the referee is sitting on-court, the referee is also the final authority on questions of fact.


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