US Open Tennis 2015 Women's Results in Single's & Double's

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US Open Tennis 2015 Women's Results in Single's:Flavia Pennetta was the champion in  US open 2015.She won the match against  Roberta Vinci who was belongs to Italy.The points are 7–6,7-4, 6–2Flavia Pennetta is born on 25th Feb. in 1982. And she was belongs to Italy country.Now she is the 1 st rank player in women's tennis.

She won the women's singles championship in 2015.She was the worlds no. 1 player in 2013 in women's championship.She has many titles on her name.She is the professional tennis player form Italy. To know the results of US Open Women's single visit Australian Tennis Open results.
US Open Tennis 2016 Women's single's Results
US Open Tennis 2016 Women's single's Results
                 Flavia Pennetta is the woman who hold the Grand slam for ten times.This is the world record and most by any other player.She has many records on her name.For four times she won Australian open tennis tournament.She holds the world no. 1 rank for nearly one and half year.This is the all time record on his name.She had won three consecutive Grand slam matches.

      Roberta Vinci is the most popular player in tennis.This professional player belongs to same country as Flavia Pennetta belongs to, Italy. Present her rank is seven after the loss of us open 2015.She had most record on her name. She hold the worlds no.1 rank for  2 years which was the all time record.She won Grand slam for 6 times.And she has the worlds no.1 rank in Women's doubles. To watch Australian Open Tennis Live Click on Australian Open Live scores.

US tennis open Results Women's 2015 in Double's:

 Martina Hingis and  Sania Mirza  VS Casey Dellacqua and Yaroslava ShvedovaIn women's doubles match , Martina Hingis and  Sania Mirza   had won the match against Casey Dellacqua and Yaroslava Shvedova .The points in the match are  6–3, 6–3.The pair holds the women's doubles champions ship in 2015.

       Martina Hingis  was the swis professional tennis player. She was born on 30th September 1980.She won the womes's doubles championship in 2015 with Sania Mirza .And she had also won several tournaments.Her highest saving rank is no.1 in both singles and doubles in 2015. In the second round, she had two set points before losing to  in straight sets. She ended the year with an ATP singles ranking of 151, compared with 257 12 months earlier.Herbert reached as high as No. 9 in the junior singles world rankings in October 2009. To know more information about US Open Tennis women's double's results click on US Open Tennis 2016 Results.
US Open Tennis Women's Double's Results
US Open Tennis Women's Double's Results
             Sania Mirza is born on 15th November 1986.This professional player also belongs to India and had many championships with Martina Hingis  .Her best rank is no. 1 in 2015 in women's doubles matches.She had many title on her name.She married a person who was belongs to other country.

Casey Dellacqua is born 11 February 1985. This player is belongs to Australia.She is the most popular player in tennisin Australia.She is professional Australian player.She is the former world no 1 player in women's doubles and her rank was moved to no.4. She had two Grand slam titles on her name with Yaroslava Shvedova  in 2007.

  Yaroslava Shvedova is born on 12th September 1987 . This player is belongs to Russia .She played both women's singles and doubles in 2010.She is the professional Russian player.Her best rank in Women's Doubles is no.25 on 23rd feb. in 2015 and her best rank in women's singles is no.342 in 2010.She had three Grand slam quarterfinals on her name. To watch US Open Tennis 2016 Live on Online with live streaming visit AUS Open Tennis 2017 Live .


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